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Ultrasonic Level Systems
ultra-wave™ Ultrasonic System Reference Manual
Sensor Switching Unit (obsolete)
Sonologic II and sono-cell™ Installation Manual (obsolete)
Sonologic 5000 Level Indicator (obsolete)
hydra-wave™ Ultrasonic
Tote and Drum Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
Medium Range Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
IS Medium Range Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
Long Range Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
IS Sanitary Medium Range Ultrasonic Level Transmitter (obsolete)
Continuous Relay Controller (obsolete)
Bolt-On Weighing Systems
Bolt-On Installation Manual (L-Cell/Microcell)
Manual Microceldas (Español)
Microcell Installation and Maintenance Kit with a KM Test Meter
Microcell Installation Manual
Displacement Sensor
Microcell Sensor Demo (obsolete)
Microcell Wrap Installation Manual (obsolete)

Direct Support Weighing Systems
LD3xi/LD3xiC Installation Manual
LD3 Installation Manual
LD360s Installation Manual
Load Disc II Manual
Load Link III Manual
Load Stand II Manual

A-B RIO Interface Manual for SVS 2000
A-B RIO Sono-Weigh II Manual
Output Interfaces for SVS 2000 Manual
KM-RIO Installation and Operation Manual
MVS-RIO Installation Manual
MVS-Modbus Installation and Operation Manual
Profibus Interface Manual for Sonologic II
Remote Monitor
ORB Installation & Operation Manual
ORB 4-20mA Input Box IOM
ORB Enabled Quick Start Guide (obsolete)
InvisiLink™ Wireless Radio Installation & Operation Manual
Weight Indicator/Controller
STX Signal Transmitter Installation & Operation Manual
STXplus Signal Transmitter Installation and Operation Manual
SVS 2000 Installation and Operation Manual
SVS 2000 Manual (Español)
SVS 2000 Quick Reference Manual
MVS (multi-vessel system) Manual
Weigh II Installation and Operation Manual
Junction Box Manual
System 2020 Manual (obsolete)
1000/1020 Weight Indicator Operator's Manual (obsolete)
1200 Series Batch Controllers Manual (obsolete)
1700 Totalizer & 1730 Loadout Controller Manual (obsolete)
Point Level


Responsive. Reliable. Inspired.

Downtime is a luxury few can afford. That's why our sensors are over-built; rugged enough to withstand chemicals and washdowns, rated for seismic and hazardous sites. Because you need absolute faith in your equipment - to know that if you accidently damage a cell, you'll keep running - that your process will remain secure. You also told us that you wanted to be up and running in less than 30 minutes if you need to replace a cell. We delivered. Our products are easy to install and retrofit, simple to use, and flexible enough to meet changing demands. That's the kind of commitment you can expect from KM.

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