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Remote Monitoring

Provides a reliable means of gathering and transmitting real-time inventory information from anywhere, anytime via your LAN or the Internet. Also makes it possible for suppliers to manage their customers inventories more effectively than ever before. The result is a fully functional remote Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) process by which a supplier keeps track of a customer's inventory, scheduling deliveries according to known thresholds and reducing the high cost of data collection, personnel and equipment, measurement errors, and overstocking for both supplier and customer. Suppliers make fewer delivery runs and eliminate wasteful haul-backs or split-loads, while customers minimize inventory, reduce lead-time, and eliminate run-outs.

Interfaces with KM sensing system or 4-20 mA output device to monitor and log system performance and activity. High volumes of data can be securely monitored, retrieved and organized by various users within the plant as well as remotely.

Current and historical inventory data are available to sites and users via internet/intranet with administrative issued access. Continually monitors and alerts defined users about material and alarm conditions.

 Click here for a demonstration (Use user name "Demo" and password "Demo" to login)

Specifications At A Glance...
Applications: Vendor Managed Inventory, Remote Access to Weight and Level Instrumentation
User Data Access: Intranet or Internet via Web Browser or optional modem
Communications: Ethernet TCP/IP
Inputs: Optional 4-20 mA
Display: Web based graphic display
Housing: FRP Enclosure
Environmental Rating: NEMA 4X
Mounting Options: Wall
Dimensions: 10.5" x 8.5" x 6.5"
Designed for use with: SVS 2000, STX, Weigh II, MVS, System 2020, ultra-wave or any 4-20 mA output device

Documentation Download
ORB™ Remote Monitor Technical Specifications
ORB™ 4-20 mA Input Box Technical Specifications
ORB™ 4-20mA Input Box IOM
ORB™ Installation & Operation Manual

Application Notes
Providing Universal Access to Manufacturing Plant Systems
Dry Ingredient Mix Plant Upgrads Inventory Accounting and Tracking Capabilities
Improving Plastics Pellet Inventory Management On Batching and Blending
Improving Plastic Pellet and Powder Storage Bin Information on New Vessel Installations
Improving Plastic Pellet & Powder Inventory Information On Existing Vessels
Improving Bulk Flour Inventory Information on New Vessel Installations
Improving Bulk Flour Inventory Information on Existing Vessels
Improving Bulk Flour Inventory Information on Existing Vessels That Can't be Weighed
Improving Baked and Processed Foods Bulk Hot Oil/Shortening Inventory Information
Plastics Material Management Vastly Improved with Intranet-based Material Tracking System

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