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Bolt-On Weighing Systems
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Bolt-On Weighing Systems

Turn your existing Tank/Vessel/Structure into a scale. KM pioneered the popular bolt-on, strain gauge, sensor technology for continuous measuring of vessel weight. Bolt-on sensors measure the stress level changes in vessel supports caused by material movement and therefore are not fooled by side build-up, angles of repose or air pockets. Quickly and easily installed, this non-intrusive, cost-effective method is an excellent alternative to traditional level sensing.

The original single-axis bolt-on strain gauge sensor for measuring the material in a wide range of bulk storage vessels.

When Microcells are bolted on to a vessel support member, it converts the vessel into a weighing system. No need to empty the vessel or take it out of production to install or service.


Specifications At A Glance...
Sensitivity -
Carbon Steel 3" Sensor:
70 mV ± 1% / 1000 psi
Fatigue Life: > 20,000,000 cycles
Material: Mild Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Steel
Function: Silo, Tank, Hopper
Mounting Options: Compression or Tension
Hazardous Area Approvals: Factory Mutual
Suitable Indicators: SVS 2000, STX, Weigh II, MVS, System 2020

Documentation Download
Skirted Silo Application Data Form 
Horizontal Beam Application Data Form 
Vertical Column Leg Application Data Form 
  Technical Specifications

Application Notes
Improving Plastic Pellet and Powder Inventory Information On Existing Vessels
Providing Universal Access to Manufacturing Plant Systems
Baked and Processed Foods Weigh Hopper System Feed Control
Improving Bulk Flour Inventory Information on Existing Vessels
Dry Ingredient Mix Plant Upgrades Inventory Accounting and Tracking Capabilities

Case Studies
DM Bowman




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