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Profibus-DP Interface for ultra-wave™ (.gsd, .gse)
The Profibus GSD file describes the configuration
for the slave device.
For english translation, the .GSE file may be used.
For more information, contact KM.
 Download and unzip the .GSE file to your system from here.
DeviceNet Interface for SVS 2000™
For more information, review the interface manual
 Download and unzip the .EDS file to your system from here.
ORB System OS
The ORB 2.0 uses a very minimalized installation of GNU/Linux OS for the basic levels of hardware management and user connections that supports the overlaying ORB application. This is software released under the GPL License and thus it's source is freely available. Note that this does not include the ORB 2.0 application, copyright 2004-2009 Kistler-Morse, but only the GNU/Linux systems.
 View and Download the GPLed source packages from here.

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